A9 Session 3

Standings for After Nine #3 (Tourney #3704)
20-Nov-2010 — Week 3 Season 1

1. socksey nr1
2. Tanika
3. Cinderella supermane
5. diane yonay palladin boilermaker
9. LuckyDice

Congratulations to sockseynr1 A9 Champion who wins an invite into Season Playoffs.
Great run for runner-up, Tanika!! Great finals, ladies!

A9 took place today with total of 9 players in Session 3: diane, yonay, palladin, supermane, Cinderella, socksey, Tanika, LuckyDice and boilermaker. Almost usual turnout for this new tourney in Session 3, this time bringing players of various levels and experience.

Session 3 was back on TourneyBot and 1st round brought two previous A9 Champs into match that delivered early exit for LuckyDice by diane.Cinderella – player that picked up couple of kibitzer’s eyebrows by tonight performance – took her toll with yonay in second round, making sure that every A9 has at least one upset on board, whereas Tanika offered another one defeating diane by clean sweep (ladies actually decided to take it all in one single game). socksey and supermane made sure other quarter-finals provide no surprises and secured their spots in next round. After strong performances in semis both Tanika and socksey emerged as finalists entering strong match in 5-pts.

After positional initial game in Finals, second one brought cube into 2 and socksey’s early lead 3-0; Tani returned in next game, only to face cube in next game (with 3-1 into match) and – to take it! Proceeding without redoubling, Tani faced strong progression by socksey in remaining of that game, leading latter lady to win finals with 5-1.

In doing so, socksey won Session 3 of After Nine tourney, becoming A9 Champion and third A9 winner to qualify for Season Playoffs. Today’s A9 Champion will, together with other A9 Champs, wait for future A9 Champions of first season’s 16 weeks in order for them to proceed pursue of A9 Season Champion title in Season Playoffs starting late March 2011. Until then, special thank you for all today’s players and we invite all others to join us and have fun in this new regular weekly FIBS tournament.

See you all next Saturday at 2100 UTC  Smiley

Full matches listing for After Nine Session 3 (Tourney #3704) are as follows:

T3704R1M2 (3-pt): diane (1790) def. LuckyDice (1757) 3-2
T3704R2M1 (3-pt): Tanika (1576) def. diane (1790) 4-0
T3704R2M2 (3-pt): Cinderella (1638) def. yonay (1776) 3-2
T3704R2M3 (3-pt): socksey (1612) def. palladin (1482) 3-0
T3704R2M4 (3-pt): supermane (1714) def. boilermaker (1657) 3-0
T3704R3M1 (3-pt): Tanika (1576) def. Cinderella (1638) 4-1
T3704R3M2 (3-pt): socksey (1612) def. supermane (1714) 3-2
T3704R4M1 (5-pt): socksey (1612) def. Tanika (1576) 5-1

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A9 Seeding Change

Considering quality comments received about After Nine tournament seeding, which may be seen here, there has been change in A9 proposition regarding this particularity. Thus from Session 3 onwards A9 seeding is random instead of by ranking. I thank again to dorbeladrian and socksey for pointing this out.


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Gretzky (#99) and Backgammon

It is funny how two great games intersect in this story. Game of hockey and NHL history might look very different if just perhaps couple of dices had went the other way, as this story tells.

The Backgammon Game that Changed Hockey

How did a backgammon game changed hockey? Twenty years after Edmonton Oilers moved their leading player Wayne Gretzky to the Los Angeles Kings, a forgotten background story from Gretzky former trade and its relation to a 1978 high stakes backgammon game is published for the first time.

The official NHL website asks whether all the Stanley Cups (the most desirable trophy in team sports) won by Edmonton Oilers during the second half of the 1980s a result of an antecessor bet in a backgammon game? And Larry Gordon, who managed Edmonton Oilers in 1978 approves that Wayne Gretzky, Eddie Mio and Peter Driscoll were part of the stakes in one fateful backgammon game.

In 1978, Wayne Gretzky, who was admired for his talent on the hockey field since the age of 6, was the 17 years old hope of World Hockey Association team the Indianapolis Racers with a $1.75 million contract. After only eight games in the Racers’ uniform, Gretzky was a player at the Edmonton Oilers, then a WHA team. This move cost the Racers $40,000 loss per game.

The backgammon game between Nelson Skalbania (Racers’ owner) and Peter Pocklington (Oliers’ owners), apparently on a private jet, took place sometime in between. Obviously, Pocklington was the winner of the backgammon game. In case of a loss, he would have sacrificed an expensive art piece; instead, he stepped out with three hockey players and $850,000 in cash.

And the rest, as they say, is history: the Edmonton Oilers, by then a part of the National Hockey League, won four Stanley Cups between 1984 and 1988, Gretzky’s was named the greatest hockey player of all times and hockey was no longer a negligible sport.

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A9 Session 2

Standings for After Nine #2
13-Nov-2010 — Week 2 Season 1

1. LuckyDice nr1
2. vegas_vic
3. diane SamIam
5. floydband jackdaddy Tanika socksey
9. fortuna moonshadow RickInSF

Congratulations to LuckyDicenr1 A9 Champion who wins an invite into Season Playoffs. Great run for runner-up, vegas_vic!! Great finals, fibsters!

A9 took place today with total of 10 players in Session 2: fortuna, socksey, moonshadow, SamIam, RickInSF, vegas_vic, floydband, jackdaddy, Tanika, diane. Good turnout for third tourney on this Saturday, and almost strong one as Kick-off session: three semifinalists were 1700+ ratings, with one of them 1800+ and another 1900+ ratings.

What marked this Session of A9 was first and foremost Challonge platform, bringing shuffles in preliminaries that brought early exits for moonshadow and RickInSF. Quarterfinals were interesting to the last match: diane and sosksey played rather strong match, with A9 Kick-off Champ emerging as winner; Tanika and LuckyDice were in different position every time TD visited their clash, providing very interesting match to the last point, which brought future A9 Champ as winner; jackdaddy and SamIam offered next great challenge for latter – SamIam already took its tool with moonshadowin preliminaries – which proved to be upset for former, providing surprising but well deserved win for the rookie; and finally, vegas_vic made clean sweep over floydband announcing high ambitions, as always.

Those ambitions were put in effect in another clean sweep by vegas_vic over SamIam in first semis, though it should be mentioned that SamIamprovided really fantastic performances today proving that A9 is – just as well as any FIBS tourney is – playground where anything is possible. LuckyDice and diane had semi-final that was decided in very positional match, strong game plays and yet another clean sweep in today’s semis, bringing LuckyDice into finals.

So there we were in finals: two players both with more than 19k of FIBS experience, outwitting each other at practically every move. LuckyDicetook strong and early lead with 3-0, took the next one too to make it 4-0, but vegas_vic came back strong in Crawford game bringing it to 4-1. Just as watchers were preparing for 4-3 and the ultimate game of this match, LuckyDice announced his different plans for finals with several very clever moves at the end of this game, leaving vegas_vic out of the options.

In doing so, LuckyDice won Session 2 of After Nine tourney, becoming A9 Champion and second A9 winner to qualify for Season Playoffs. In addition, this would be second A9 winner title for LuckyDice considering his A9 Preseason Shuttle Two title.

Full matches listing for After Nine Session 2 can be found in here.

A9 Champion will, together with A9 Kick-off Champion, wait for other A9 Champions of first season’s 16 weeks in order for them to proceed pursue ofA9 Season Champion title in Season Playoffs starting late March 2011. Until then, special thank you for all today’s players and we invite all others to join us and have fun in this new regular weekly FIBS tournament.

See you all next Saturday at 2100 UTC  Smiley

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A9 Premiere

Standings for After Nine #1 (Tourney #3669):
06-Nov-2010 — Week 1 Season 1

1. diane nr1
2. yonay
3. Backwoods DeaDice
7. Tanika zulu LuckyDice Toado
9. PortWine sixtie rif_raf TriAtma_III

Congratulations to dianenr1 A9 Kick-off Champion who wins an invite into Season Playoffs. Phenomenal run for finalist yonay!! Great finals, fibsters!

A9 premiere – tournament officially kicking off A9 Season – took place November 6, with total of 12 players: DeaDice, diane, zulu, yonay, TriAtma_III, sixtie, rif_raf, LuckyDice, Tanika, Backwoods, Toado, PortWine. Rather nice turnout in first edition, and strong one too – all four of latter semifinalists were 1745+ and two of them 1840+ ratings.

While first round brought upsets with sixtie and TriAtma_III early exits (nice wins by zulu and Toado, respectively), second round provided Dices derby (DeaDice vs. LuckyDice) – Dea walking away with win after fantastic match against A9 Preseason Shuttle Two Winner, LuckyDiane and yonay, finalists to be, proceeded strongly further, whilst Backwoods (highest ranking player at the tourney) def Tanika in Round 2 to proceed to semis.

And what a semi-finals those were: yonay vs. Backwoods and diane vs. DeaDiceAtomic backgammon was to be seen in both matches, revealing A9 raison d’etre of featuring fun, skills, humor and competition towards well-reputed players, ones that “play well, play rapidly, play quietly, smile, talk a little, never complain about their luck and believe that luck and skill is the just, the inevitable, reward of the skillful” (hommage to Georges Mabardi, 1930).

yonay and diane went into finals, which presented fast paced side of game. In a match that just may be decided in its first game, when double cube went to gammon, diane took early lead in match (4-0) and kept it up in Crawford game, winning A9 Kick-off Champion title. It was the end of fantastic performance for yonay, runner-up today and one of the stronger favorites for future A9 Champ titles!

diane, A9 Kick-off Champion, will wait for other A9 Champs of first season’s 16 weeks in order to proceed pursue of A9 Season Champion title in Season Playoffs starting late March 2011. Until then, we hope to have all players taking part in A9 premiere tonight back for every edition – special thank you for all of you today – and we invite all others to join us and have fun in this new regular weekly FIBS tournament.

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A9 Preseason Shuttle Three

Tourney report. After Nine Preseason Shuttle Three – last of three A9 shake-up tourneys – took place today at FIBS with total of 8 players: stog, socksey, rif_raf, DavidF, austin, Tanika, yourfuturexwife, LuckyDice.

First round took soksey into early exit by LuckyDicerif_raf won round by awarded win against austinstog andDavidF had rather interesting match, while yourfuturexwife def tanika. Semi-finals brought positional games to both matches leading rif_raf and yourfuturexwife into finals, which proved to be most interesting finals of whole Preseason series.

With two games into match and 1-1 standings, we had double at board and we had rif_raf pulling astonishing U-turn in match with some high burst of doubles at the very end. Like that was not enough of excitement, at 3-1 for rif_rafyourfuturexwife doubled, leading game into steady ending with rif_raf apparently locked in at his home; “apparently” soon proved how appearances are deceiving, and with 7 checkers remaining for bearing off byyourfuturexwiferif_raf executed yet another counter attack, this time more aggressive, taking it to the very end and winning this tournament!

Congratulation to rif_raf nr1winner of After Nine Preseason Shuttle Three.
It was a great run for runner-up yourfuturexwife. And it was by all means great finals, fibsters!

Thanks to all players taking part in After Nine Preseason Shuttle Three. By this tournament, A9 Preseason series concludes with 24 players taking part in three shake-up tourneys. With season premiere in sight – scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, November 6th at 2100 UTC – we will be taking regular weekly scheduling (every Saturday at 2100 UTC) and we look forward to see more and more players taking part in A9.

Full matches listing for A9 Season Shuttle Three (Tourney #3676):

22:43:29 T3676R1M1 (3-pt): rif_raf (1514) def. austin (1968) 3-0
22:43:29 T3676R1M2 (3-pt): stog (1678) def. DavidF (1650) 3-0
22:43:29 T3676R1M3 (3-pt): yourfuturexwife (1802) def. Tanika (1589) 4-0
22:43:29 T3676R1M4 (3-pt): LuckyDice (1697) def. socksey (1621) 5-1
22:43:29 T3676R2M1 (3-pt): rif_raf (1514) def. stog (1678) 4-0
22:43:29 T3676R2M2 (3-pt): yourfuturexwife (1802) def. LuckyDice (1697) 3-1
22:43:29 T3676R3M1 (5-pt): rif_raf (1514) def. yourfuturexwife (1802) 5-1

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A9 Preseason Shuttle Two

Tourney report. After Nine Preseason Shuttle Two – second of three A9 shake-up tourneys – took total of 7 players: Bodo_SXM, Johnny_Boy, vegas_vic, TriAtma_III, sixtie, Tanika, LuckyDice.

First round took sixtie into early exit by latter finalist Johnny_BoyTanika won round derby against Shuttle One winner TriAtma_III while LuckyDicewent to meet vegas_vic in second round (first semis). That matched proved to be real excitement and fun on high skill level!  Johnny_Boy def.Tanika in second semis and went to meet LuckyDice in finals.

Congratulation to LuckyDice nr1winner of After Nine Preseason Shuttle.
It was a great run too for runner-up Johnny_Boy. Nice finals, guys!

Thanks to all players taking part in After Nine Preseason Shuttle Two. Hope to see you all again really soon!

Full matches listing for A9 Season Shuttle Two (Tourney #3672):

T3673R1M2 (3-pt): LuckyDice (1661) def. Bodo_SXM (1705) 7-2
T3673R1M3 (3-pt): Johnny_Boy (1465) def. sixtie (1751) 3-1
T3673R1M4 (3-pt): Tanika (1567) def. TriAtma_III (1735) 4-1
T3673R2M1 (3-pt): LuckyDice (1661) def. vegas_vic (1923) 7-1
T3673R2M2 (3-pt): Johnny_Boy (1465) def. Tanika (1567) 3-1
T3673R3M1 (5-pt): LuckyDice (1661) def. Johnny_Boy (1465) 5-1

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